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Massage at your home

Vieux Boucau, Soustons, Messanges, Moliets et Maa, Aszur

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What is an Abhyanga style Massage?

The Abhyanga, literally "oil massage" comes from traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Its virtues go beyond the simple relaxing and invigorating effect of a classic massage as it aims to bring your body's Prana (life force energy) in balance.


As in yoga, the sister discipline of Ayurveda, the goal is to establish harmony between body and mind.


This massage alternates slow and deep movements with more rhythmic and superficial mouvements hence it is both,  invigorating and comforting. All parts of the body are massaged, from the scalp to the toes going through areas where tensions tend to accumulate.


Ayurverda also takes into account the physiological, physical and psychological constitution (dosha profile) of the person treated. Indeed, according to your profile and state of mind the rhythm of the mouvements and the oil used may be adapted.

A few benefits of this massage:


• Regenerates the whole body.

• Relaxes and lightens the body by stimulating muscles, tendons, bones and skin.

• Improves blood, lymphatic and hormonal circulation thus promoting the elimination of toxins.

• Tones muscle tissue,

• Brings better awareness of the body

• Beautifies the epidermis,

• Brings serenity and fullness

• Helps relieve stress.

• Improves sleep.

• Soothes fatigue.


75 min: € 65

90 min: € 95


Covered geographical area without additional costs: Vieux Boucau Les Bains, Soustons, Messanges, Moliets and Maa, Azur. For other locations please contact me. 

The Swedish Massage


Why choose this style of massage? 

The primary aim of this massage is to loosen muscle tension and stiffness. As with most massages, it stimulates blood circulation as well as the nervous system which in turn has a relaxing effect at the psychological level.

5 different techniques are used in this massage: effleurage, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration.

Targeted or full body massage?

Swedish massage can involve the whole body or only targeted parts. I offer two massage durations: 60 min or 90 min targeting different areas according to your needs. 

The 60 min massage targets: the back, neck and shoulders. You can then choose between "legs and feet" or "arms and hands" and add "head and face" or "belly and head".

The 90 min gives time for a full scale massage. It can include everything already previously mentioned in the 60 min version (back, shoulders and neck, legs, feet, stomach, arms, hands, head and face). You may also request for more attention to be given to one or several areas and skip others (eg: stay longer on the back and skip the belly).

The origins of Swedish massage

In the 1797s, Pehr Henrik Ling, a Swedish, befriended a Chinese who taught him various training techniques from martial arts as well as the practice of Tui Na (a massage that is part of Chinese medicine). These techniques help him to progress and to make a name for himself in his sport, fencing.

After several years as a fencing and fitness teacher, then having resumed medical studies, Pehr Ling developed a standard massage system which would later be known as "Swedish Massage".

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