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Yoga Post Natal

The transition from pregnant to postpartum

Pregnant, the world is watching over you. Before childbirth despite the cumulative fatigue of these 9 months of "  creation  You beam. You are followed closely by the medical staff, your family and even strangers rush to help you carry your tiny shopping bag to the car ...  

After childbirth, all attention, including yours, is on the baby.  


The postpartum period, a period that can seem like a slump. Your body is not the same anymore. The belly is still more or less there but is no longer a source of wonder. It happens to  feeling fragile, feverish and sometimes alone with baby. Nothing is done to make your life easier.

In many traditional societies, women lie down and are massaged  for several weeks . They are well surrounded and have time to recuperate where their only task is to breastfeed and shower the baby with love.  The opposite of the West where you are asked to be operational and perform tasks that are not suited to your physical condition.


Postnatal yoga: reclaiming your body and recovering

Baby is welcome ...

Mère et fils sur un tapis de yoga
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