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Yoga, Vieux Boucau, Soustons, Messanges, dax, Moliets, Pré-Natal

Yoga Position 5

Group classes shedule

Please note: 

1/ Booking is compulsory, classes take place from 4 registered participants. Where possible please register no later than 24hrs before class start to ensure there are enough participants for the class to take place. 

2/ Please arrive 10 min early so I can meet you before class. Should you belate, access to the class may be denied and the class considered taken regardless of your reason. 

3/ You are responsible for yourself, practice with kindness towards your body and your mind. The choice to practice a posture or leave it out always belongs to you. 

4/ If possible bring your own mat and props, should you not have any I lend everything that is needed.

Styles de cours
Which Style - For whom? 
Varied styles from Hatha-Flow Yoga to Yin Yoga classes. These lessons are suitable for people with a "normal" physical condition *
Yoga on Stand Up Paddle, practice on the lake on a paddle (surfboard  much larger) no prerequisites necessary apart from knowing how to swim and having a "normal" physical condition*

* What I mean by "normal" physical condition
- you must be able to hold standing postures without particular pain
- you switch easily and without support from standing to lying down,
- you do not have
  pathology  particular type: fracture, sprain, tendonitis preventing you from lifting or leaning on your arms or legs.
Should you have any peculiar condition please contact me. Every-Body can practice Yoga given the suitable conditions.  Collective classes aren't adapted to all, however a private class may allow you to learn just what you need and how to practice for yourself. 

Hatha : 

Series of standing and seated postures combined with breathing and attention exercises. Postures are held for several breath cycles.

This gives you the time to seek for the alignment that is useful to you, which depends on several factors (your anatomy but also on your current state of being). 


The aim here is to achieve harmony between breath, mind and posture. Breathe, observe, adapt to your feelings and your own needs while putting aside your ego/desire to achieve a posture that is beautiful to look at.

This practice is ideal for observing your physical and mental tendencies. When necessary readjust and choose a path that may lead to some improvement

Hatha- Flow:

The transition from one posture to another is synchronised with the breath. Flow sequences are usually very fluid with no real break in posture or breath. In hatha flow I incorporate, pauses of several breaths in certain postures. This enables to deepen them and take time to find your alignment.

The sequences are creative and more or less dynamic; they can be adapted to a wide audience thanks to the diversity of options offered.


As in hatha, we aim for harmony between breath, mind and posture, with the added idea of letting ourselves be carried by the movement of the breath and the body. Once the body is loosened, perhaps you can reach this state of “Flow”, where you find yourself entirely absorbed in what you are doing, connected to the present moment.

Yin Yoga : 

A practice which started in the 1990s, inspired by Hatha Yoga, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yin Yoga invites us to focus, slow down and settle in order to rebalance our lives, often directed by Yang energy (solar energy corresponding to action, also used in dynamic Yoga practices).

The postures are held for several minutes, mostly on the ground with the idea of remaining as passive as possible. The attitude we cultivate is that of observation and acceptance of what is present. Holding postures for a long time stresses deep connective tissues such as fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints in a very different way from everyday life. It allows them to be relaxed and strengthened. Reaching these tissues requires complete relaxation of the muscles. Numerous accessories (bolsters, blocks, straps) are available to allow you to completely relax your muscles. You are also encouraged to breathe slowly and deeply. The breath being your guide towards letting go.


Yin yoga is suitable for everyone and is easily accessible to people with mobility concerns or chronic pain.

SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Yoga 

On demand, from 4 people. 
The activity takes place at Paddle Center Vieux Boucau



Group Classes - 75 to 90 min

individually: 15€/class/person

5-course card, non-transferable, valid for 2 months: €68

10-course card, non-transferable, valid for 3 months: €115

10-course card, non-transferable, valid for 4 months: €130

See formulas for card terms and conditions. 

SUP Yoga: €35/person

Parents-Child: 18€/couple

Child: 10€/child

Private lessons

60 € for the 90-minute course for up to 3 participants.  

For more participants quote on request.  


from 25 €, variable price according to the speakers and the proposed workshop.  ​​

fougère plante

Cartes de cours et formules

  • Carte 10 cours 3mois

    Nominative - Pour une pratique régulière
    Valid for 3 months
    • Carte 10cours 4 mois

      Nominative - Pour une pratique occasionnelle
      Valid for 4 months
      • cours de 75 min, prêt de tapis, sangles, blocs et bolster
    • Carte 5 cours

      NOMINATIVE - Pour une pratique occasionnelle
      Valid for 2 months
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