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Prenatal Yoga

Being pregnant.

A time in your life filled with exceptional moments, rich in emotions, feelings and discoveries ...

Many things change in the future mother physiologically, mentally and emotionally.



Prenatal Yoga as support

Prenatal yoga supports pregnant women in all these changes by providing them with tools which combine postural work, breathing and meditation.


Inhabit your body and mind fully, connect and make room for this little being  growing within you. This is what I offer you during prenatal Yoga lessons according to the De Gasquet method.

De Gasquet's method

The APOR (Posturo-Respiratory Approach) method of Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet offers postural techniques associated with correct breathing (Physiological), giving benchmarks for better carrying one's evolving body and better carrying babies. This approach combined with yoga helps to relieve pain and soothe the mind that gets excited about everything that is happening and will happen ....


Join me for a prenatal Yoga session! Whether it is the first time you do yoga or not and whatever the progress of our pregnancy.


A prenatal yoga class is a moment for yourself, a moment to connect with your baby and with your instinct.













On reservations only:




Note: Prenatal yoga sessions do not replace medical follow-up or preparation for childbirth.

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