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Please note

1/ Booking is compulsory, classes take place from 4 registered participants. Please register before 6 p.m. for the next day's beach lesson and before 1 p.m. for the Villa Tiki lesson. 

2/ Arrive 10 min early so I can meet you before class. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, access to the class may be denied and the will be due regardless of your reason. 

3/ You are responsible for yourself, practice with kindness towards your body and your mind. The choice of take or not a posture is up to you.

4/ As far as possible bring your own equipment


The essence of the Yoga philosophy is that it offers guidelines enableing to adapt the practice to ones personal needs.

A class just for you, adapted to your needs and your state of mind.

During a private class your guide gives you her full benevolent attention. Receive specific tools and tips which you will be able to use in group classes. A private class can also help you find more depth and insight to your personal practice.

Private class

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Bridal shower, events, special occasions


Pre-post Natal yoga

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On demand, contact me : here

Child and parent

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On demand, contact me here




Take a moment for yourself. A moment in which you can leave behind the hum of daily routine, tuning into yourself and nature, and bringing awareness.


Rediscover your mind, body and soul under a different (and shiny bright) light, anchored in what is happening here and now. Bring beautiful new habits home with you, to incorporate into your everyday life.


Experience the Yang (physical, driven, active) and the Yin (meditative,peaceful, restorative) sides of your mind, body and soul surrounded by magnificent ocean side landscapes or in soulful places created with harmony in mind.


Classes are guided in English and/or French

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My name is Carmen. I was born in France from an Alsatian father (the region close to Germany, not the dog) and a Singaporean mother so I grew up in a multicultural environment.

Sports and travel have always played a big part in my life. I love to share experiences, discuss and debate on various subjects, eat, laugh, get an adrenaline rush but most of all put my feet in the air and my head up side down...

To me walking the path of Yoga is about finding balance within. Hence my favorite asana (posture) is all about balance, the handstand. It has even become my trademark, each landmark I visit sees me upside down !

I followed my Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certification in India, which is also the native country of my grand father, at Parimutki School of Yoga and Meditation. https://www.parimukti.com/

I enjoy teaching in a way that is energising and playful, most of all I wish to guide you to finding what feels good to you during an asana session as well as in everyday life.


At Feel Good Yoga I encourage you to use your body as it is, in respect of it's advantages and limitations. Discover mental and physical abilities that you never new you had. Learn how to reprogram your mind in a virtuous circle of observation and detachment rather then the usual pattern of enduring judgment and emotional changes.

Classes follow a framework focusing on stretching, strengthening and mindfulness.  Of course there are some stranges poses with funky names...however Yoga isn't only for really bendy or very sporty people. Stay open minded there is something in Yoga for you that can make you shine bright if you stay open minded and listen to yourself. Yoga is a good start to feel good and when in doubt, just remember this philosophy has crossed several decades, so surely it got something right :)



Pensez à visiter les questions fréquemment posées avant de m'écrire, la réponse est peut-être déjà là et cela m'aide à passer moins de temps derrière un écran :) Merci!

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